Share Your AKR Story: Variety Part Seven

Welcome to the latest edition of AKR Stories, showcasing our guests’ vibrant tales and cherished memories at Anthony’s Key Resort. Nothing brings us greater joy than hearing firsthand accounts of the unforgettable experiences our visitors have had during their stays. Each story is a testament to the dedication and care we pour into ensuring every moment is safe, enjoyable, and truly memorable. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have graced our resort during these unprecedented times and have generously shared their adventures with us. Your stories fuel our passion and inspire us to continue creating exceptional experiences in the heart of paradise.

I have been to Anthony’s Key, I think 5 times now. It’s truly a magical place to snorkel, enjoy the beautiful people, the laid-back island life, and have amazing food. Over the years, I have enjoyed being greeted by familiar faces of the snorkel captains, boat taxi folks and all the wonderful people that work in the restaurant and hospitality. I just love it! The bungalows are wonderful, and the snorkeling never disappoints. I love the dolphin experience that’s part of the snorkel package, too! I’m not into big crowds so Anthony’s Key is my perfect place to enjoy nature and if I want to meet some folks at dinner or at the pool, that’s fun too! I can’t wait to come back! – Bonnie M. 

We had a great time at Anthony’s Key Resort. We enjoyed taking the water taxi to our room every morning and hearing the waves lapping at the shore. The staff was very friendly and always helpful. Having the dive lockers, dive shop, and dive boats right there made it very easy to roll out of bed and right onto the boat. All of the dive sites were just a short boat ride away. It was our first all inclusive resort and I would highly recommend it! – Noah S. 

Second visit to AKR and can’t wait to go back!  Everything was wonderful from our dive master, David, boat captain Ross, waiters Ebanks and Stanley to housekeeper Alana and on. They simply do a wonderful job keeping people happy. The dives were amazing and we even got our Advanced Diver while there with Pete – who took us through it like a champ. Only issue I had was with the sand fleas. They love me and I got eaten alive. The new building is beautiful and adds a few nice amenities, such as a coffee stop. Danisha is superb and so accommodating with our coffee needs. Given it’s more formal than the prior dining space, no dive attire is allowed, which makes for a few mad post-dive dashes to clean up. But the food is worth it and to-go is an option. Overall, just love it there and can’t wait to go back. – Sue D.

I have been diving since the 1980’s. I have traveled all over but the one place I return time and time again is Anthony’s Key Resort. From the time you arrive at the airport where they welcome you as a returning guest to each and every person you meet at AKR, they are friendly and loving. Add to the fact that they have great diving is just the best experience. The food is excellent. The facilities are excellent. It’s just the best diving experience you can find and it’s a real affordable place. What more could you want? It’s an easy flight from just about everywhere.

I offer this to you…. Try it once and you’ll be like me. Just one of the family that goes to this place again and again. Enjoy! – Jeff G.

My sons and I spent a week at AKR the summer of 2023 and had a blast.  My sons completed their AOW certification during which time enjoying an eye popping marine ecosystem second to none!!!!  Having been certified for 30+ yrs I can beyond a doubt say this is the most healthy/thriving marine ecosystems I have experienced.  A shout out to Jeff (group leader/instructor) along with Hector and Richardo (DMs) – all of whom did an outstanding job!!!!  AKR is a must if you’re considering a dive destination. – J. Nelson

Each time I stay at AKR the service, accommodations, amenities, restaurant, dive shop support, boat crew, Dive Master have been amazing!  When I seriously need to dive and relax; this is the place for me. Three 2024 trips already planned. – Wysondria P.

This year will be our 26th year at AKR so you can guess we love it.  Everyone is wonderful and treat you like family!  Banzai – Jim C.

My experience at AKR has been the highlight of the last four years! I agreed to join my mom on a dive trip with a group of her friends with the expectation that I would do a few morning dives, but really not enjoy it. I previously thought of diving as stressful and a chore to do on vacation. After diving with AKR, I now LOVE diving. The process of signing up for dives, the short boat rides, interval times at the resort, and of course our amazing divemaster Nico, made my diving experience so enjoyable and meaningful. Nico would make sure to point out every interesting creature, no matter how “small”, which I appreciated. He also made an anxious diver like me feel safe no matter what depth we dove to that day. Between fixing our dive computers, to helping take off our fins as we entered the boat, he deserves a huge amount of recognition. Our boat captain Rupert was also amazing! He was kind, funny, and helpful on all of our dives. The resort was also incredible! I loved our Key Bungalow and the grounds were absolutely gorgeous. There is always something to do at AKR. The food and wait staff were also amazing! They knew all our names and were very attentive during meals. Every meal I had was delicious, especially the ice cream! I hope to return some day with a dive group. I would recommend this resort to everyone! – Emma L.

From our arrival in Roatan, AKR, ensured we felt part of their family. The entire team was attentive to our needs and our experience. They excelled in service in all areas, but especially Marvin and Marcus on the snorkel boat, and Marcos and Perry in the dining room. Archie was phenomenal with Sandy the dolphin encounter as well. A huge thank you to Steven, Damien, and Connor for always being engaging and continuing that family feel. Bravo Julio for assembling a world class team! – Loni D.

We have been to AKR three times now.  2011, 2019 & 2013.  Stayed for two weeks each time.  We are both in our mid 70’s now and still enjoy every minute.  We have been diving all across the Western Hemisphere.  Hawaii, Washington, Florida, Bahamas, Belize, LOTS in Caribbean and AKR.  Both your Dive Masters AND your Boat Captains are top notch and are the best we have seen at making SCUBA fun and easy even for people our age.  The diving is the best we have had.  ALL of your people are friendly, VERY good at their jobs and most helpful.  Your facility is definitely top of the line AND your prices are extremely competitive.  We will return yet again.  A note.  ALL of my photos are to big to load except this one. – Jim B.

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