During your stay at Anthony’s Key Resort, you’ll have the option to add wonderful excursions and day trips to your itinerary. While many of our guests come for the ample diving opportunities, many more enjoy exploring the best of Roatan and the Bay Islands. One of the most popular trips is to Maya Key, a private island located on the other side of Roatan. This gorgeous private oasis offers seemingly endless opportunities for relaxation.

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Visit the Private Island of Maya Key

Guests at the resort will arrive by boat following the second daily dive or the morning snorkel trip. Once you get there, the island is available for your enjoyment!

Enjoy Your Time on Land

Would you prefer to spend your time at Maya Key on land? That’s no problem! You can stroll through the island’s beautiful and expertly maintained gardens. If you’d like to get a look at the local wildlife, head to the animal sanctuary. During your tour, you’ll be able to see exotic birds, monkeys, and jungle cats which are native to this region. For an afternoon of rest and relaxation, head to the 5,000-square foot deck, which also features a 70,000-gallon swimming pool. You can also head to the island’s gift shop to purchase locally made baskets or pottery.

Spend the Afternoon in the Water

Many of our visitors come to Roatan for one reason: the amazing diving opportunities. If you’re interested in exploring the waters of the Carribean Sea, Maya Key is an excellent place to go. There are two secluded beaches on the island, as well as snorkeling available from the pier. After your time on the island, you can choose to depart for your third dive from Maya Key or head back to the resort by boat.