Maya Key Private Island Retreat

Snorkeling along a thriving coral reef in gin-clear waters. Soaking up the sun by an expansive, resort-style pool. Feeding and cuddling a friendly Capuchin monkey at a rescue center. Whatever defines your “perfect day” in Roatan – you’ll find it here on Maya Key. You are welcome to visit Maya Key if you’re visiting Roatan for the day or staying at another location on the island.

Enjoy Your Time on Land

Would you prefer to spend your time at Maya Key on land? That’s no problem! You can stroll through the island’s beautiful and expertly maintained gardens. If you want to look at the local wildlife, head to the animal sanctuary. During your tour, you’ll see exotic birds, monkeys, and jungle cats native to this region; for an afternoon of rest and relaxation, head to the 5,000-square-foot deck, which also features a 70,000-gallon swimming pool. You can also head to the island’s gift shop to purchase locally-made baskets or pottery.

Spend the Afternoon on the Water

Many of our visitors come to Roatan for one reason: the amazing snorkeling and diving opportunities. If you’re interested in exploring the waters of the Caribbean Sea, Maya Key is an excellent place to go. There is a private beach on the island, and snorkeling is available from the pier.

Anthony’s Key Resort Guests

Maya Key Private Island day excursion is included in all 7-night Packages at Anthony’s Key Resort. During a week-long stay at Anthony’s Key Resort, guests enjoy a wonderful day trip to Maya Key once during the week. This gorgeous private oasis offers seemingly endless opportunities for relaxation. Our diving guests arrive at Maya Key by boat following the second-morning dive and meet fellow non-diving guests for lunch. Our snorkeling guests arrive at Maya Key with the resort shuttle bus. Once at Maya Key, the island is available for your enjoyment! After your time on the island, divers return to the resort by boat and complete the third dive of the day on the way back.  Non-divers return to the resort on the shuttle bus at approximately 2:30 pm.