Honduras Travel Requirements

Standard Requirements

U.S. citizens will need a passport valid for six (6) months beyond the entry date. 

South American residents or travelers must provide proof of vaccination against yellow fever. 

Others should check with the Honduran Embassy for their specific requirements.

Customs Declaration Form

Please note that all travelers entering and exiting Honduras are required to complete a customs declaration form. Only one form per family is needed. We recommend completing this form digitally and using the dropdown menu to select either English or Spanish to facilitate your process. However, if you are unable to complete the form digitally, please contact your airline, as they may be able to provide you with a paper form. Ensure you have this form ready to avoid any delays during your travel.

Customs Declaration Link: https://sisglobal.aduanas.gob.hn/Pech/#/plataforma/otra_gestiones/formularioDJRV

Immigration Precheck Form

The Immigration Precheck form is no longer required unless you are a Nicaraguan citizen.

February 14, 2024 Press Release:

The National Institute of Migration (INM) informs the national and international community that on the instruction of President Xlomara Castro:
1. As of December 12, 2023, pre-screening for national and foreign users is no longer a mandatory requirement to leave or enter Honduras.
2. The main purpose of this provision is to speed up the process of obtaining a transfer at the various border points of the country and to facilitate the procedure for the transfer of users via air, land, or sea.
3. The immigration pre-check will only be a mandatory requirement for Nicaraguan citizens, who must carry it out seven (7) days before the scheduled date of departure to Honduras, by entering the platform: prechequeo.inm.gob.hn
4. The INM will maintain the necessary controls, security verifications, and protocols to guarantee the protection of the users entering and leaving the country.

See the official announcement in Spanish here.

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