When traveling to Honduras, it is mandatory to complete the online Honduras Immigration Precheck and the Honduras Customs Declaration form electronically.

1) Honduras Immigration Precheck (Prechequeo)  Click Here

  • Complete one (1) form for each person traveling. Please see the instructions below for assistance.

2) Honduras Customs Declaration Form Click Here

  • Complete one (1) form per family traveling or one (1) form per person traveling alone.
    • All individuals traveling to and from Honduras must complete the Honduran Customs Declaration form electronically before arriving at the airport. If you’re traveling as a family, the head of the household can complete a single form for the whole family. This form is mandatory for both entering and leaving the country.

Standard Honduras Entry Requirements

The standard entry requirements for Honduras are as follows:

  • U.S. Citizens: Passports should be valid for six months beyond your entry date into Honduras. You will be denied entry into Honduras if there is not enough space for entry and exit stamps in your passport.
  • Residents of South America or individuals traveling through South America to Honduras must show proof of the Yellow Fever Vaccination.
  • Residents of other countries should verify the specific entry requirements by contacting the Honduran Embassy.

Honduras Immigration Precheck (Prechequeo) Instructions

You may complete these forms on the website or download the app if using a mobile device. Click to download the app on Apple App Store or Android Google Play.

To complete the Honduran Immigration Precheck (Prechequeo)

  • New users will need to register for an account on the site.
  • Wait for a confirmation email, and log in with your username and password.
  • Returning users can proceed to log in.
  • Family members or persons traveling together may use the same login to complete individual prechecks.

Once you have an active account, log in to complete the process.

To complete the Immigration Precheck, you will need the following: 

  1. Your passport (number and expiry date)
  2. Flight details (airline, flight #, and date)
  3. Address of where you will be staying.

Example Steps:

  1. Switch to English in the upper right of the screen. See Here
  2. Create Precheck See Here
  3. Enter Trip Information Step 1 See Example Step 2 See Example
  4. Enter Personal Information See Example
  5. Click Save on the final Review and Confirm page. See Example


  • Once you have clicked “Save,” the system will send a confirmation email with an attached PDF and QR Code. (You will also be able to find the PDF on the home page of your account.)
  • Save the PDF to your phone or print it to have it available when asked for it.
  • Family members may use the same login account to create additional “prechecks” as needed. Return to the home page, click “Create Precheck,” and repeat the steps for each person.

(Not all fields are translated into English. Please refer to the User Guide for translation.)


  • For the United States, go to E and select “Estados Unidos de Norte America.”
  • Type of transport: AEREO
  • Immigration office: JUAN MANUEL GALVEZ
  • Destination address: “Anthonys Key Resort” without the apostrophe. (Do not use commas or other special characters.)
  • Destination state: ISLAS DE LA BAHIA
  • Destination city: ROATAN

Refer to this User Guide for further assistance.


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