Snorkeling with Anthony’s Key resort

Caribbean Snorkeling

Explore Roatan’s Majestic Coral Reefs and Marine Life

About 95% of marine life species in the Caribbean make their home among Roatan’s reefs. The waters teem with vivid undersea wonders from a lush underwater garden of pristine corals and sponges to other marine residents like Caribbean reef sharks and loggerhead turtles.

With guided snorkel trips offered twice daily, you’ll have up-close encounters with diverse fish, coral, and other marine life. You can also snorkel at your own pace around Bailey’s Key or in the resort’s backyard lagoon.

Our snorkel packages include a convenient Underwater Fish ID card to help you spot Roatan’s indigenous organisms and sea life. When you book the 7-night Snorkel Package, you’ll also receive a dolphin beach encounter, a reef ecology lecture, and a fish ID slide show.

If you’re a dolphin fan, why not snorkel with them? For an additional charge, you can enjoy a unique opportunity to snorkel with these playful and graceful creatures in the protected area of Bailey’s Key. It’s an amazing experience you won’t soon forget!

We think our little section of paradise is pretty spectacular — both on land and under the water. With so many ways to experience Anthony’s Key Resort, there’s a unique snorkeling getaway for every guest.

Weekly Snorkel Boat Schedule

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

8:30 AM Guided snorkel trip
2:30 PM Guided snorkel trip

8:00 AM Guided snorkel trip
10:00 AM Depart to Maya Key by bus – Snorkeling and beach picnic
2:30 PM Return to AKR

8:30 AM Depart to Tabyana Beach – Snorkeling at Beach
11:30 AM Return to AKR
2:30 PM Guided snorkel trip

Note: Times are subject to change. Please confirm the times at the dive shop.