Return of Dive Industry Legend Peter Hughes

Marking a Milestone in Anthony’s Key Resort’s History

Official PRESS RELEASE – Peter Hughes

Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) is thrilled to announce the return of Peter Hughes! As an esteemed figure in the diving industry with almost half a century of expertise, he’s rejoining AKR in a new consulting role.

Anthony’s Key Resort, established over 50 years ago, stands as a beacon for travel enthusiasts yearning for the genuine Caribbean allure. Nestled in the heart of Roatan Island, AKR is celebrated for its breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant marine life, and the warm hospitality of its staff.

Peter Hughes’ journey with AKR began in the early 1970s when he first set foot on the island. Recognized as a pioneer in the diving industry, his expertise and passion for diving proved instrumental in shaping the resort’s dive operations. Under his guidance, AKR established the first viable dive operation on the island, catering specifically to visiting divers.

While at AKR, Peter met his future wife, Ms. Alice, creating a lasting personal connection to the resort. Though Peter and Alice ventured to Bonaire, where they founded Dive Bonaire, their story remained intertwined with AKR’s history. After selling Dive Bonaire in 1985, Peter made significant contributions to the diving world, notably with the inception of the luxurious Dancer Fleet of liveaboard dive boats.

In 2008, after selling the Dancer Fleet, Peter stayed active in the liveaboard sector. He took on consulting roles and contributed to vessel construction endeavors in different parts of the world. Now, he’s back at Anthony’s Key Resort, offering his expertise as a consultant for the Galindo family and their dive management team.

Leveraging Peter’s experience and passion for diving underscores AKR’s commitment to outstanding guest services and diving excellence. His return marks a significant milestone for Anthony’s Key Resort, merging its rich diving history with its growing presence as a leading Caribbean destination.

Julio Galindo, AKR’s proprietor, encapsulates this renewed alliance’s essence. “We are thrilled to have Peter Hughes back at Anthony’s Key Resort. His dedication to the diving industry and unparalleled expertise will undoubtedly enhance the guest experience at our resort. We look forward to the exciting future with Peter on our team.”

Divers can look forward to Peter Hughes’s specialty dive trips at AKR in the future. Combining the resort’s scenic beauty and Peter’s diving expertise will ensure an unforgettable diving adventure in paradise!