World Oceans Day

Our Commitment to the Oceans

AKR and RIMS Attend the First National Ocean Fair in Tegucigalpa

At Anthony’s Key Resort, World Oceans Day is near our hearts. It is a day that allows us to join others worldwide to recognize the vital role that oceans play in our lives and emphasize the importance of preserving them. In 1989, Anthony’s Key Resort established the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS), through which we’ve led the way in marine research and reef conservation in the region. Over the past twenty-five years, RIMS has established itself as a dedicated teaching institution, and our facility is visited year-round by colleges, universities, and high schools from abroad to study tropical marine ecosystems and bottlenose dolphins at our facility.

On June 8, 2023, World Oceans Day, Anthony’s Key Resort and the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS) took part in the inaugural National Ocean Fair held in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. Attendees included industry leaders and representatives from the Roatan Marine Park and the Bay Island Conservation Association. Our involvement in this event, organized by the Marine Environment Protection Department of Merchant Marine, underscored our dedication to preserving Roatan’s coral reefs and promoting sustainable tourism on the island.

The fair was an excellent opportunity to speak with fellow Hondurans about humans’ far-reaching impact on the ocean. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of our oceans’ challenges and how caring for the oceans starts on land.

Sustainability in Action!

Coral Outplanting on World Oceans Day

Back at the resort on World Oceans Day, Jennifer Keck, RIMS Education & Research Coordinator, led visiting students on a dive to plant new baby corals onto the reef. Our commitment to safeguarding Roatan’s natural resources remains unwavering. The Roatan Institute for Marine Science offers visitors the chance to get to know our resident bottlenose dolphins through various encounters and interactions. These unique experiences are all based on education to instill participants with a deeper affinity for the ocean, its marine life, and the desire to protect it.

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We invite you to join our mission by exploring our initiatives, engaging in conservation activities, and sharing the significance of safeguarding our oceans. Let’s work together to make a significant impact on preserving one of our planet’s most crucial ecosystems.