Coral Garden

The Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences, in collaboration with Anthony’s Key Resort, is dedicated to preserving the precious genetic diversity of staghorn and elkhorn corals on Roatan Island. Through this coral nursery and reef restoration program, the institute and resort work tirelessly to rejuvenate the island’s shallow reefs.

By cultivating corals in offshore nurseries, the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences and Anthony’s Key Resort can clip and transplant new colonies onto deteriorating reefs. Over 2000 coral fragments currently thrive in the nursery, and multiple transplantations are already underway.

To raise awareness about the importance of reefs and involve guests in conservation efforts, the institute and resort seek volunteer divers to visit the coral nursery, aid in maintenance tasks, and contribute to restoring these vital ecosystems.

Join the dedicated team at the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences and Anthony\’s Key Resort and become a coral restoration diver. If you’re interested in participating in a maintenance dive, please sign up at the dive shop during your stay.  If you want to learn more, please use the form below to contact us.

Our reefs need your help – dive for a worthy cause today!

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