Explore Roatan’s Underwater Playground

Roatan’s Premier Dive Operation

At Anthony’s Key Resort, we want everyone to experience the natural treasures beneath Roatan’s Caribbean waters. You’ll have endless opportunities to explore because we’ll make it easy to take advantage of every opportunity during your stay here!

The AKR Dive Shop offers a full array of dive and snorkel gear for daily or weekly rentals. With an ample stock of regulators, gauges, BCs, wetsuits, and computers, you won’t need to reserve equipment in advance or pay extra baggage fees to the airlines by bringing your own. We include tanks, weights, and weight belts in our Dive Packages. In addition, our dive operation offers convenient dockside equipment storage, fresh-water showers, and rinse tanks for your gear.

Cornerstone Medical Services and Hyperbaric Chamber are conveniently located on the property. The chamber is a member of Divers Alert Network’s (DAN) International Preferred Provider Network (IPPN) for added peace of mind.

Anthony’s Key Resort is a PADI 5-Star Career Development Center and has ranked as one of the world’s top dive resorts for over 50 years!  From beginner diving courses to PADI Continuing Education Programs, we have a course to match your skill level — we even offer PADI diving courses for kids! 

Our Exceptional Dive Crew

The Heart of our Underwater Adventures

From our knowledgeable dive masters to our skilled boat captains, each member brings a unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to safety, ensuring every dive is an enriching experience. With their guidance, you’ll explore the breathtaking marine life of Roatan’s waters comfortably and safely. Our crew’s dedication to creating memorable diving experiences is evident in every interaction, whether helping beginners find their sea legs or guiding experienced divers to hidden underwater treasures. They’re not just professionals but passionate ambassadors of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, eagerly sharing its wonders with every guest!

Dive Boat Fleet

Modern, Comfortable, and Safe Roatan Dive Boats

As a diver AKR, you’ll appreciate the comfort and convenience of diving on our modern fleet of seven Pro 42′ Custom Dive Boats, two Newton 46′ Dive Specials, and four Pro 48′ Custom Dive Boats. You’ll be whisked away to 35 different dive sites just 5 to 30 minutes away with a few fellow divers. Unrivaled in the Caribbean region, our fleet is comfortable, safe, and convenient!

Pro 42′ Custom Dive Boats

With 44 customized tank racks and a walk-through transom, the Pro 42s can accommodate 15 divers and two crew members. The Pro 42s have a deep-V in the front and are fast, sea-worthy, and versatile. They can tackle rough seas and, at the same time, reach remote shallow reefs. Each boat has dry storage, a freshwater rinse tank for cameras, a water cooler, and a covered area.

Pro 48′ Custom Dive Boats

The Pro 48s can comfortably accommodate 24 divers and two crew members. The Pro 48s have 64 customized tank racks, a walk-through transom, and opening steps to the bow. An additional 100 square feet on the fly-bridge and added dry storage compartments create plenty of space to gear up and walk around the boat. Each boat has a freshwater rinse tank for cameras, a water cooler, and a covered area.

Dive Boat Schedules

Dive Boat Departure Times and Itineraries

Daily Boat Dives

  • 8:30 am – Depart for first single-tank dive
  • 10:30 am – Depart for second single-tank dive
  • 2:30 pm – Depart for third single-tank dive

All boats return to the dock for a 45-minute surface interval, allowing you to miss an early or late morning dive.

Night Boat Dives

At night, the reef transforms as nocturnal animals become more visible.  Divers may see octopuses, basket stars, spiny lobsters, and more. AKR’s dive boats leave just before sunset for night dives twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Visitor Diving

Diving Opportunities for Non-Resort Guests

Anthony’s Key Resort primarily accommodates diving for resort guests. Non-resort guests may dive with us on a space-available basis, which can be limited. Please contact our dive shop to inquire about available diving slots during your stay in Roatan.

Our diving rates are as follows:

  • One tank day dive: $40.00
  • One tank night dive: $40.00
  • One tank day dive with gear: $50.00
  • One tank night dive with gear: $50.00

Cruise Ship Diving

Several cruise lines collaborate with our resort to offer a 2-Tank Dive Excursion for guests arriving on cruise ships. Please note that reservations for this excursion cannot be made directly with Anthony’s Key Resort. To book this diving experience, guests should arrange it through their cruise line, either via the cruise line’s website or while on board the ship.