Tips for Seeing Honduras Wildlife Up Close

The wildlife under the sea in Roatan is spectacular, but wait until you see the wildlife above the water. From visiting Maya Key on a guided tour, there are plenty of ways to see beautiful wildlife in Roatan.

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Top Places to See Honduras Wildlife

Gumbalimba Park

If seeing free-roaming macaws, endangered iguanas, and white-face monkeys is how you define a good time, you will love Gumbalimba Park. The name comes from a native tree called Gumbalimba, and it is home to an entire ecosystem that reflects wildlife in Honduras. Take an eco-tour through the park, enjoy the pool, and explore under the water with submarine activities.

Another great way to see animals at Gumbalimba is on an hour-long canopy tour via zipline!

Maya Key Animal Rescue

If you are looking for an exclusive escape from everything, Maya Key is the perfect place. If you enjoy when your escape has exotic wildlife, you will be hard-pressed to find a better experience than Maya Key Animal Rescue.

Some animals you can meet at the rescue center include macaws, toucans, parrots, monkeys, jaguars, and ocelots. Every animal has a story, and the wonderful people at the rescue center are more than happy to share them!

Also, at Maya Key, you can see Mayan cultural heritage through beautiful artifact reproductions, text murals, and archeological replicas from the Mayan empire.

Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences

The Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences was established in 1989 to preserve Roatan’s natural resources. While it is a place of learning for students, it also incorporates a dry laboratory and the Roatan Museum.

You can learn about Roatan’s unique history, see marine life exhibits, and more when you visit the RIMS on the northwest coast of Roatan.

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