Roatan Lionfish Hunting: Recap of Peter Hughes and Lad Akins’ Expedition at Anthony’s Key Resort

Anthony’s Key Resort was thrilled to host the inaugural Lionfish Expedition, led by the legendary Peter Hughes and Lad Akins, from May 11 to 18, 2024. This exclusive event brought together diving enthusiasts to tackle the lionfish invasion in the Caribbean while enjoying a week of education, adventure, and conservation.

A Successful Expedition!

The week-long expedition was a resounding success, with participants capturing over 170 lionfish. This significant achievement is a testament to our guests’ combined efforts, guided by Hughes and Akins’s expertise. The lionfish, an invasive species first appearing in Roatan in early 2009, has been kept at bay thanks to ongoing mitigation efforts. This expedition added another chapter to our conservation story, showcasing how collective efforts can make a difference.

Diving Adventures and Educational Workshops

Before the week’s diving activities began, guests attended a Lionfish Hunting workshop with the Roatan Marine Park. This certification was the first step in ensuring all participants were well-prepared and licensed to hunt lionfish on the dives. The workshop provided in-depth knowledge about lionfish behavior and the importance of marine conservation. After completing the workshop, participants received their license and spear to begin catching lionfish.

The Lionfish Expedition package included seven nights of accommodations, all-inclusive dining, and various resort experiences. Participants engaged in two daily dives specifically aimed at hunting lionfish, including an exclusive remote trip to the neighboring island of Barbaretta. The group deliberately avoided AKR’s usual marked and moored dive sites and sought out less-visited areas to find lionfish. Despite Roatan’s successful mitigation efforts, they saw and rounded up many lionfish in these remote locations. Throughout the week, the group was accompanied by John, our expert divemaster, and Orvill, our talented photographer, capturing the excitement and educational moments of the expedition.

Culinary Delights from ‘The Lionfish Cookbook’

One of the highlights of the week was the culinary experience. Our chefs prepared several dishes from “The Lionfish Cookbook – The Caribbean’s New Delicacy” by Tricia Ferguson and Lad Akins, turning the captured lionfish into delicious meals. Guests happily consumed the lionfish prepared in various ways, including blackened, creole, and ceviches.

The standout dish was the lionfish ceviche, prepared during the lionfish ceviche cook-off between Lad and Peter. The ceviches were shared with fellow resort guests, spreading the message of conservation through cuisine. The cook-off added an extra layer of fun, though we’ll let you guess who won the title of “best ceviche!”

Resort Amenities and Fun Activities

Participants also enjoyed a range of resort amenities, including kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and our refreshing swimming pool. Fun events like the Island Fiesta night added to the all-encompassing retreat, ensuring there was never a dull moment!

Join Us for Future Expeditions

The Peter Hughes and Lad Akins Lionfish Expedition was more than just a dive trip; it was a transformative experience that blended adventure, education, and conservation in one of the world’s most beautiful settings. We look forward to hosting more such events in the future, continuing our commitment to marine conservation, and offering our guests unforgettable experiences.

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