Celebrating the Art of Nature: Bill Gee’s “Playtime” at Anthony’s Key Resort

As guests arrive at the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences at Anthony’s Key Resort, ready to immerse themselves in the captivating world of our dolphin encounters, one of the first sights to greet them is the stunning “Playtime” sculpture by W.R. (Bill) Gee. This magnificent work of art, featuring three life-sized dolphins, offers a joyful and dynamic welcome to all who visit our resort.

About the Artist: W.R. (Bill) Gee

W.R. (Bill) Gee is a professional geologist and hobbyist stone sculptor based in Golden, Colorado. His artistic endeavors, primarily focusing on wildlife, birds, and the human form, are celebrated for their flowing curves and dynamic movement, presenting bold silhouettes from a distance and captivating details up close.

Bill’s deep passion for geology and sculpting is paralleled by his love for snorkeling among coral reefs, an enthusiasm that inspired his sculpture “Playtime.” This piece features three life-sized dolphins, masterfully carved from a nine-ton block of Aspen Gray marble sourced from the historic Yule Quarry in Colorado. Over the years, Bill has created more than 70 works using a diverse array of stones from around the world, crafting each piece in his spare time away from his geological work.

A Year of Creation

The creation of “Playtime” spanned an entire year, with Bill sculpting the piece during multiple visits to Anthony’s Key Resort, accompanied by his wife Cindy. Cindy not only shared these trips but also actively participated in the carving process, contributing to the sculpture’s development. Bill’s deep engagement with our environment and dedication to capturing the essence of playfulness and grace in dolphins has culminated in a piece that is not just a sculpture but a landmark.

A Beloved Icon

“Playtime” has quickly become a beloved icon at Anthony’s Key Resort. It’s not uncommon to see our guests, whether they are here for diving, snorkeling, or simply enjoying the serene ambiance of our resort, pausing to take photos with the sculpture. For many, it serves as a beautiful and tangible connection to the marine life they love, especially for those who may not venture into the waters.

The sculpture stands as a testament to the beauty and spirit of the dolphins that so many come here to encounter.

We are profoundly grateful to Bill Gee for contributing such a meaningful and inspiring piece to the heart of our resort. “Playtime” not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of our seaside but also embodies the spirit of adventure and tranquility that Anthony’s Key Resort strives to offer.

Thank you, Bill, for your incredible artistry and for sharing your vision and passion through “Playtime.” We look forward to inspiring many more guests with this beautiful sculpture for years to come!