What Is the Best Environmentally Friendly Vacation?

Sustainability is more than just a trend. It’s a responsibility to our planet. At Anthony’s Key Resort, we understand the need for environmentally friendly vacations. That’s why we go above and beyond to honor our mission to protect the natural resources that make Roatan such an amazing destination to visit. From producing solar energy to participating in reef conservation, there are many ways in which we work to protect the environment! Read on to learn more about what makes our resort sustainable. Then, look at our complimentary Vacation Guide for even more information about Roatan so that you can plan the ultimate beach getaway. 

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 Reasons Why Anthony’s Key Resort Is the Best Environmentally Friendly Vacation 

1. Our Sustainable Mission 

We adhere to our sustainable mission by following through with internal policies, offering educational programs, and supporting several local and international organizations in their conservation efforts. Some of our practices include:

2. Wildlife Preservation

One of the most popular attractions to visit during your stay with us is the animal rescue on Maya Key. Here, the animals are all donated, injured, or rescued with the intention of being rehabilitated and released back into the wild whenever possible. Maya Key also works with local NGOs such as the Roatan Marine Park with turtle rescues and releases and with BICA’s (Bay Islands Conservation Association) environmental education programs in local schools. Spreading awareness and sharing knowledge about endangered species is one of the best ways to promote the importance of practicing sustainability. 

3. The Natural Beauty of Our Caribbean Destination

Ecotourism is a travel trend that promotes visiting exotic, natural environments to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife in their native habitats. Anthony’s Key Resort sets the scene for the ultimate eco-friendly adventure. Observe and admire the Great Mesoamerican Reef, the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere and the second-largest in the world. Surrounded by such stunning natural beauty, your love for the earth’s natural wonders will grow stronger. 

Did you know? Anthony’s Key Resort has been certified as 100% AWARE per PADI’s environmental initiative, Project Aware. You can even get a PADI Project Aware certification during your visit! 

Maintain Your Green Lifestyle While Vacationing at AKR

Now that you understand what makes Anthony’s Key Resort the perfect destination for an environmentally friendly vacation, you can start planning your getaway! If you need more inspiration for your Roatan getaway, check out our many add-on packages, things to do, and excursions! Spend your days diving and exploring beautiful coral reefs. Relax at our on-site spa to keep your muscles relaxed. Then, grab a drink at the Frangipani Bar (named after the flowering trees that grow nearby). You’re in for the experience of a lifetime.

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