Visit the Best Beaches Near Roatan Island

What’s a trip to the Caribbean without spending an hour or two exploring the beach? Luckily for guests of Anthony’s Key Resort, there are three excellent nearby seashores. Whether you’d prefer to spend your afternoon snorkeling, sunbathing, or interacting with local dolphins, you can find it all just a short distance from the resort. Discover the best beaches near Roatan Island, as well as how guests can find beautiful accommodations with a gorgeous ocean view.

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The Best Beaches Near Roatan Island

Anthony’s Key, where our bungalows are located, has a very small section of beach from where visitors arrive and depart. This stretch of shore is home to our kayak and paddleboard rentals, which are available to all of our guests. Consider paddling over to nearby Bailey’s Key, which happens to be the first cozy beach on our list.

Bailey’s Key

Located next to Anthony’s Key, Bailey’s Key is a quiet slice of paradise. Guests who visit can snorkel along the west side of the key or walk to the dolphin lagoon to visit the pod who has claimed this area as their home. You won’t want to miss the chance to interact with some of nature’s most incredible animals. Or, if you’d prefer, you can simply relax in one of the lounge chairs along the shore and enjoy the tranquil bliss. There are fresh water showers, changing facilities, and restrooms located in the center of the key. This is considered one of the best beaches in Roatan for snorkeling, so don’t pass up the chance to explore it during your next vacation!

Sandy Bay

Across the water from Anthony’s Key and Bailey’s Key is Sandy Bay. Here, you’ll find our snack shop, the dining room, and the Frangipani Bar. This is where you’ll also have the opportunity to ride horseback through the town of Sandy Bay, as well as on the golden shores of the beach. It’s a one-of-a-kind excursion that is not to be missed!

Maya Key

Every Monday, guests have the opportunity to travel to the private oasis of Maya Key. Upon arriving at the island, guests are welcome to relax along either of the two secluded beaches, enjoy a delicious picnic lunch, and tour the nearby animal sanctuary. This adventure is included in every seven-night packages with Anthony’s Key Resort.

Stay at Anthony’s Key Resort

If you want access to the best beaches near Roatan Island, then book your stay with Anthony’s Key Resort. With amazing amenities like our onsite spa or paddleboard rentals, you’ll find plenty of fun to occupy your time. Plus, our famous dive operation allows our guests to explore the beautiful waters of the Carribean safely. There’s a good reason why countless visitors have made our resort their go-to vacation spot year after year. Are you ready to make memories while visiting the Bay Islands? Take a look at our bungalows and select that one that most suits your needs. Your Roatan Island getaway is waiting for you!

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