Dive into Roatan\’s Fascinating Wreck Dives

Uncover the Secrets of Sunken Ships and Underwater History

El Aguila

\”El Aguila\” or \”The Eagle\” ran cargo between Puerto Cortes, Honduras and San Andres Island. This freighter originally sank in 1989 around the Utila Keys, Bay Islands, Honduras. It was then salvaged and brought to Roatan by Anthony\’s Key Resort in 1997 and sank in 100\’ of water for a great Bay Islands dive highlight.


Type: 230 ft. double deck cargo vessel
Depth: 100 to 110 feet
Sunk in: 1997
Skill: Intermediate to advance
Location: Northwest shore of Roatan, a two minute boat ride from AKR
The Odyssey
The sinking of the 300-foot Odyssey off the north coast of Roatan was hailed by dive enthusiasts as one of the Caribbean’s largest shipwrecks. The wreck adds more scuba diving opportunities to the island, bacause in order to fully view the multi-level ship, which measures 85 feet from keel to mast and 300 feet from bow to stern, would take a few dives. From AKR, a 12-minute boat ride east finds the Odyssey resting on a sandy flat. Divers may follow the top of the mast at 40 feet and descend to the top of the bow at 70 feet. Then explore the bulwarks or cargo hole level at 80 feet, the bow at 107 feet and the stern at 120 feet.

“The enormity of the Odyssey is overwhelming,” says Samir Galindo, General Manager of AKR. “There is ample opportunity to return again and again to the ship and still not see it all. Better still, up to three Roatan dive boats can dive the site at the same time without divers ever getting in each others path.” In addition the ship’s size allows divers of different levels to explore the wreck safely.


Type: 300ft. multi-level ship
Depth: 112 feet
Max Depth: 120 feet
Min Depth: 40 feet
Sunk in: 2002
Skill: Wreck diver certification is recommended
Location: North coast of Roatan, a 12-minute boat ride from AKR