Women’s Dive Day

Helping to Create Balance Between Humanity and the Ocean

“The water doesn’t care who you are where you come from or what do you do.  We are all equal underwater and we all speak one language when we dive.” – Nouf Alosaimi, Saudi Arabia

PADI® Women’s Dive Day has grown into the most celebrated day of diving on the planet, transforming lives and opening the door to the underwater world. For seven years, the dive community has rallied together to encourage divers of all genders, ages, races, backgrounds, and abilities to confidently explore and protect the ocean.

PADI® Women’s Dive Day at AKR

Taking Part in the Global Celebration All Week Long!

Anthony’s Key Resort kicks off PADI® Women’s Dive Day with a weeklong celebration July 17-23, 2021! Starting with an educational trivia with PADI® Course Director, Peter Hughes on Sunday, July 18th!  Then, join us throughout the week for poolside games, fun relays, and lots of giveaways! Finally, we’ll close the week with an all-women’s group dive on Friday, July 23rd.  Don’t miss it!

Spotlight on WOMEN DIVERS at AKR

Tatiana Pereira-Hughes

PADI® Course Director

Tatiana is originally from El Salvador, Central America and has over 20 years in the diving industry. As the first and only Central American female PADI® Course Director, she knows that women can achieve whatever their diving ambitions may be! Tatiana is grateful to be part of such a wonderful dive community and is committed to ensuring divers have the best underwater experiences – including those celebrating Women’s Dive Day!

Jennifer Keck, M.B.

RIMS Education & Research Coordinator

Jennifer Keck has been the Education & Research Coordinator with the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS) for 23 years. She is also a PADI Instructor and has logged over 7000 dives on Roatan’s reefs. When she is not working with the university and academic groups that visit our facility, you can find her at RIMS’s Coral Nursery, growing corals that will eventually be outplanted onto our reef. She is passionate about ocean conservation and loves sharing her passion for the underwater world with others.

Teri Bolton M.B.

RIMS Head Dolphin Trainer

Teri Bolton is the head dolphin trainer at the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS) and leads the staff directly involved in the care, maintenance, training, and research of our bottlenose dolphins. Her efforts, tremendous energy, and dedication are vital to the success of our facility and provide the animals with a healthy and stimulating environment. Teri is a passionate advocate for marine mammals, having spent her career as a trainer and researcher. She’s excited to celebrate Women’s Dive Day as a way to empower women to pursue their dreams and adventures.

Melloney Webster

Administrative Assistant

Melloney was born and raised on the island of Roatan and has worked at Anthony’s Key Resort since 2004! Since she first began her employment here, Melloney has worked in many areas of the resort, starting first at the Front Desk, and now an integral part of Anthony’s Key Resort’s management team. She is also the person behind AKR’s Instagram Stories and is always excited to welcome and meet guests in real life! She strives to bring joy and fun to each event at AKR and is thrilled to celebrate another year of Women’s Dive Day with all the spectacular divers that are a part of the Anthony’s Key Resort family!

Cindy Carter

 Manager of Maya Key

Cindy is an Advanced Open Water diver since 1997. After getting certified in a quarry in Illinois, she decided to move to Florida six months later to pursue her newfound passion for diving. She first visited Roatan in 2000 with a dive group as a guest at Anthony’s Key Resort. Her dive group returned to AKR for many more dive trips over the following 5-6 years; then, she and her husband Mike began longing for the slower-paced lifestyle that Roatan offered. Finally, they decided to make the leap and move from South Florida to Roatan in April 2006! Cindy was hired to work at AKR’s new venture, Maya Key, in June 2006 and has worked there ever since! Cindy is an avid diver who’s traveled and experience diving in some of the world’s best places; however, in her words, she says — “There is no place like diving in your own back yard in Roatan!”