Behind the Scenes

Our Annual October Break

Our guests are often impressed by this majestic Rubber Tree. In the wild, these trees can grow to over 100ft (30m), and ours is close to that height. In fact, the roots of this tree can be found all the way down to the very bottom of the hill! Many know Anthony’s Key Resort as “the resort that nature designed” and, in this case, it couldn’t be truer. The railings, deck, and steps leading to the restroom building had to be completely removed and rebuilt to accommodate the tree’s massive roots.

For two weeks, the resort was deep cleaned from top to bottom, and minor repairs and construction took place. There are usually a few big projects each year and this year they included the replacement of the decks and entrance of RIMS, repairs to walkways and decks of a few bungalows, and re-decking the water taxi stop on Anthony’s Key. A major undertaking was repairing to entry to the hillside restrooms, of which the entrance was being completely lifted by the roots of the rubber tree that is located here.