Checked Bags


✓ Reef-safe sunscreen (Look for products that do not contain Oxybenzone or Octinoxate)

✓ Biodegradable and non-toxic insect repellent.

✓ Essential medications such as pain relievers, antihistamines, decongestants, anti-itch creams, and anti-nausea medications.

✓ Band-aids for potential fin blisters.

✓ Any treatments prescribed to you for foreign travel.


Reusable Water Bottle

✓ To reduce single-use plastic and waste on the island, the resort does not sell beverages bottled in plastic, including bottled water.

✓ We encourage you to bring your reusable water bottle or purchase a souvenir bottle you can refill during your stay.


✓ Casual clothing, such as shorts, t-shirts, and sundresses.

✓ Swimsuit, rashguard, and beach cover-up.

✓ Hats and Sunglasses

✓ Lightweight rain jacket or poncho. (October - February)

✓ A long-sleeved shirt and long pants for Horseback Riding.


✓ Flip-flops or Sandals for walking around the resort.

✓ Closed-toe shoes for Canopy Tours.

✓ Comfortable walking shoes for exploring the island.

✓ Sneakers for Horseback Riding.


We offer a variety of destination t-shirts, caps, rashguards, sun hats, sunglasses, and a large selection of Reef flip-flops for sale in our gift shop. In addition, reef-safe sunblock, personal care items, and over-the-counter medications are available here at the resort.

Carry-On Bag

Overnight Necessities

✓ Change of Clothes

✓ Swimsuit

✓ Personal Care Items

✓ Prescription Medication

✓ Contact Lenses & Solution

✓ Mobile Device

✓ Laptop, iPad, or E-reader

✓ Chargers for Electronic Devices

✓ Travel adapter if needed
(Our wall sockets use the North American standard layout 110 volts AC)

✓ Prescription Mask

✓ C-Card (Scuba Divers)

Personal Item


Print out your e-ticket before leaving for the airport. You may not need it, but carrying a printed version as a fail-safe measure is a great idea.


To enter Honduras, U.S. citizens will need a valid U.S. passport; valid for six months beyond the return travel date.
Residents of other countries should check with the Honduran Embassy for entry requirements.

Divers and Snorkelers

Equipment You Will Need During Your Stay


✓ Mask

✓ Fins

✓ Snorkel

Please note that equipment is not included in our Snorkeling Package; you will need to bring or rent snorkeling equipment.


✓ Regulator


✓ Dive Computer

✓ Dive Light

✓ Mask, Fins, and Snorkel

✓ Wetsuit

(The water temperature in Roatan ranges from 80 to 86 year-round; a 2mm wetsuit is suitable for most divers throughout the year.)

Our Diving Package includes tanks, weights, and weight belts only; you must bring all other dive equipment or rent them here.

Pack or Rent?

Renting your equipment at our dive shop is convenient and may save you money by avoiding the airline's extra luggage fees.  Please have a look at our dive shop's rental equipment rates.  We offer daily and weekly rates for all equipment rentals.

Please See Our Dive Shop Equipment Rental Prices Here