Odyssey Wreck Dive

Roatan, Honduras GPS: 16°21’07.3″N 86°32’37.8″W

Dive into adventure and explore Roatan’s biggest wreck! The Odyssey was sunk in 2002 by Anthony’s Key Resort as an artificial reef and now rests off the north coast at a depth of about 115 feet. With a length of 300 feet, this freighter is sure to impress!

The hull has broken apart so you can discover different parts of the ship on your dive. The stern reaches up to 60 feet and provides plenty of penetration opportunities for experienced divers. Meanwhile, the bow is closer to the reef wall and extends to a depth of 73 feet.

You’ll be amazed by the variety of sea life you’ll find in the Odyssey. Schools of schoolmaster snappers, large black grouper, and barracuda are just some of the species you may encounter. Book your dive today and experience the thrill of exploring this historic wreck!