Employee Assistance

The island of Roatan has been deeply impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. Anthony\’s Key Resort employees have been affected by the closure of the resort in March, in compliance with local laws surrounding the pandemic. Past guests of the resort initiated the AKR Employee Assitance Fund as a means to assist our employees during this time of need.

Through the fund, our guests have donated over $19,000. With the funds, we were able to buy and distribute groceries to the staff on two separate occasions — once on Tuesday, April 14th, and again on Thursday, April 30th. For each distribution, we prepared 230 bags of groceries, one for each staff member.  Many employees have up to four dependents in their households, and the groceries they received can supplement their family\’s needs for at least two weeks.

With your help, we can continue to distribute basic groceries to the staff, until we can reopen and return to normal operations. If you\’ve ever visited our resort and have the means to give back, we\’d love it if you helped to support our team.

Recap of Recent Distributions




Thank You

Thanks to Care4Communities for allowing donations to be possible for our team through their organization.  Learn more about the ongoing work of Care4Communites in the community of Sandy Bay.

Want to help?

Contributions to the  AKR Employee Assistance Fund will support our staff who are facing financial hardship due to COVID-19.  No matter which staff member you have in mind when you decide to give, know your contribution will make a world of difference.  Click the link below if you would like to donate to Anthony\’s Key Resort\’s Employee Assistance Fund.


Donate Now



  1. Once on the page, check the box that reads: \”I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund.\”
  2. Then select COVID-19 AKR Staff from the drop-down menu.