El Aguila

El Aguila Wreck

Roatan, Honduras GPS: 16°19’39.0″N 86°34’44.5″W

Dive into Adventure with El Aguila! This wreck dive is a 230-foot freighter sunk by Anthony’s Key Resort in 1997 as an artificial reef. El Aguila (Spanish for “eagle”) now lies in several pieces near Sandy Bay at a depth of around 110 feet. Despite Hurricane Mitch causing some damage, the wreck is still a must-see for divers looking to explore the diverse marine life of Roatan, Honduras.

Discover colorful reef creatures like rays, snapper, grouper, grunts, barracuda, and more as you swim through the remnants of the El Aguila. Also, keep an eye out for seahorses hanging around the mooring buoy and venture into the deep crevasses of the reef wall to spot eels and lobster hiding out.

Don’t miss out on the chance to dive into history and witness the beauty of the ocean all in one experience. Dive the El Aguila on your next Roatan vacation!