Share Your AKR Story: Burt West

Full disclosure: when we publish our guests’ AKR stories, we try to feature them in the order that we got them. However, when we saw this story arrive in our inbox on the day we planned to write this, we had to move it to the front of the line. We loved reading all about Burt and his wife’s trips to our resort (which he called his favorite vacation destination). While we can’t promise that everyone who visits us will find a working camera, we can offer the experience of a lifetime! Thank you, Burt, for sharing your AKR Story with us! We look forward to seeing you in March 2020!

My wife and I have been to AKR. It is our most favorite overall place to come on vacation. The one thing I don’t like about it is leaving. We have had some incredible memories and made great friends there. My most funny memory was last afternoon dive straight out from the resort with the small beach area.  I’m swimming along the wall at about 65 feet. And I see something shiny another 20 feet down. I shoot down like a barracuda before anyone else sees it. And it’s a GoPro 4 ( identical to the one my wife is using) still ON. But nobody on the boat had one with a selfie stick? I start laughing as I begin filming myself and the rest of the dive. I find my wife to show her and she starts laughing. I went up to the boat to show Luis and he starts laughing. And says a lot of tourists from the resort are always losing stuff in this area. We get back and I go to the office to let them know I found a camera . But Nobody ever came to claim it. So now his and her GoPros . I have it with me in March when we return to AKR.

Burt West

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