Anthony’s Key Resort Is 100% AWARE!

We are so excited to announce that Anthony’s Key Resort is officially 100% AWARE! We’ve teamed up with Project Aware to take better care of our waters and reefs. This is a big step towards having our overall goal of minimizing our resort’s impact on the environment.

How We Became 100% AWARE

Recently, members of our amazing staff and some particularly wonderful guests participated in our first reef clean up! These guests took one of our newly offered PADI specialty courses, which is an introduction to Project Aware. It focuses on how divers can protect the ocean, and how each dive is an opportunity to do good work. From there, our guests and staff went out on a dive armed with cloth bags and a passion for conversation! They collected any sort of trash or debris that the currents have brought to our reefs, bringing it back to the resort to be properly disposed.

Are you interested in helping us on one of these reef dives? Sign up for our Project AWARE Specialty course and contact us to find out when our next clean-up will be!

Other Ways We Try to Help

Our efforts don’t stop at reef clean-up projects! We also have a coral nursery program that we operate. During these dives, we attach fragments of coral that have broken off due to storms or other means of interference to large artificial coral “trees.” Since our first dive, we’ve seen these trees grow, creating new thriving colonies. If you’d like to join us in rebuilding coral trees during your next stay at Anthony’s Key Resort, please contact us!

Another way that we try to help is by minimizing our use of plastic. Our goal is to be a completely plastic-free resort, though we’ve learned that’s more difficult than we would like. You may notice when you visit that we do not provide plastic water bottles in our gift shop or plastic utensils. Rather, we try to encourage our guests to bring or purchase reusable bottles. Making small choices like that can have big results in the long run!

How You Can Help During Your Visit

Are you interested in joining us on our programs? It’s easy! Start by taking a look at our specialty courses in order to educate yourself on best practices. Then, be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on our next cleanings. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions on how you can help as well!