Your Easy Guide to Having a Destination Wedding in the Caribbean

A wedding is supposed to be one of the most magical days of your life. It’s the beginning of a new chapter with the one you love most in the world. Why, then, is this special event usually associated with stress? It doesn’t have to be! Often, a change of venue is all you need need to rid yourselves of the pressures of this day. That’s why more couples are opting for a destination wedding in the Caribbean, and there’s no better place on Earth to host such an event than Anthony’s Key Resort! Discover why our quiet slice of paradise is considered one of the best destination wedding venues, and how you can book your big day with us!

How to Plan a Destination Wedding in the Caribbean

Which would you prefer: spending an afternoon debating flower arrangements or snorkeling? To us, the choice is obvious. We’re all about giving wonderful couples a worry-free day. That’s why we’ve created one of the best Caribbean all-inclusive destination wedding packages. From the decor to the bouquet, it’s all covered. While you explore the gorgeous island, we’ll sort out all the small details and make sure that everything is ready for you. All you have to do is show up! Doesn’t that sound much better than picking out table runners?

Our Roatan wedding package includes:

  • Wedding Cake
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Tropical Wedding Décor
  • Custom Video
  • Digital Photos
  • Hors-d’oeuvres
  • One bottle of champagne to toast your nuptials
  • Tropical punch
  • Witnesses upon request
  • Anthony’s Key Resort professional fees and paperwork handling
  • Transportation costs of municipality authorities
  • Marriage certificate in English or Spanish

We’re not kidding when we say that we’ve thought of everything! We have decades of experience hosting ceremonies for adventurous couples seeking an easygoing event. We’re prepared to put all that knowledge to use for you! Are you ready to book? Simply fill out our wedding form with a few details, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Why Roatan?

The Caribbean has become one of the hottest vacation spots in the world. It’s no wonder why. We’ve got stunning beaches, amazing weather all year-round, and the best diving spots. However, this popularity means that many places are packed with tourists. That’s never an issue at Anthony’s Key Resort. Our spacious key and private bungalows mean that you’ll enjoy peace and privacy while on the island. You and your new spouse will rest each night comfortably in our cozy bungalows, each featuring a stunning view of Roatan. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer

There’s no better time to book your destination wedding in the Caribbean! Cross this item off of your to-do list and don’t spend any more time thinking about nuptial planning. Instead, picture yourself swimming in the clear waters that surround Roatan or relaxing poolside with a drink in your hand. It’s all waiting for you at Anthony’s Key Resort!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.