• Hill Superior Bungalows

    Hill Superior Bungalows

    The Hill Superior bungalows are tucked away into the tropical foliage on the main island of the resort. Each features a private deck and sleeps up to 4 guests. …>>

  • Key Superior Bungalows

    Key Superior Bungalows

    Boasting warm hardwood floors and finely crafted Honduran furnishings, these air-conditioned retreats promise comfort and serenity. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views through high-visibility glass windows. Perfect for bonding with traveling companions, …>>

  • Key Deluxe Bungalows

    Key Deluxe Bungalows

    Nestled along the perimeter of Anthony’s Key, our Key Deluxe bungalows offer unparalleled space and comfort. Each of these waterfront bungalows in Roatan features natural stone countertops, Honduran hardwood furnishings, and polished wooden floors that infuse a sense of warmth and tranquility. The high-visibility glass windows provide breathtaking ocean views, while air-conditioning ensures your stay… …>>

  • Dockside Lofts

    Dockside Lofts Our Dockside Lofts at Anthony’s Key Resort offer a perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and Caribbean charm! These unique accommodations are not just located near the water but are also an integral part of our commitment to marine education. The lofts are situated on the second level of a Roatan Institute for Marine… …>>