The Resort that Nature Designed

Five decades ago, the creators of Anthony’s Key Resort envisioned a small, tropical hideaway that would allow adventurous travelers the opportunity to experience the beauty of Roatan and the Caribbean as nature intended. Today, the resort still retains an intimacy with its surroundings that are reminiscent of a peaceful island village. Charming, wooden bungalows dot the resort’s palm studded hillside and rim the perimeter of the key and resort’s namesake — Anthony’s Key.  You can reach this nine-acre private key on a brief boat ride across the shimmering lagoon from the resort’s main grounds. Here, the individual wooden bungalows offer spectacular ocean views and peaceful solitude. While a favorite pastime among guests is lazing in bungalow hammocks, more active visitors can enjoy various watersports on the key’s small beach.

Back at the resort’s main grounds, perched high on a hillside is the restaurant and bar surrounded by towering coconut palms. You’ll find more sweeping views, and fiery sunsets served up alongside delicious tropical fare. On the dockside below you’ll see the Scuba School, Seaside Gifts & Photos, Photo Roatan, AKR’s Snack Shop, and Dive Shop where there is dockage for a fleet of state-of-the-art dive boats. A short walk from there takes visitors to the Roatan Museum and Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences, where you can sign-up for educational programs, and participate in marine mammal encounters across the lagoon on Bailey’s Key.

Anthony’s Key Resort’s successful blend of nature, comfort, and hospitality continues to draw return visitors year after year in search of tranquility and adventure.


Management and Staff

The Heart of Our Roatan, Honduras Resort

Anthony’s Key Resort is owned and managed by the Galindo family and has been in operation since 1970. Julio Galindo Sr. (Don Julio) was born and raised on Roatan and his accomplishments far exceed the well-run five-star dive resort that he has managed for more than 30 years. Don Julio and his family have been active in the political, environmental, and social aspects of the Bay Islands for many years. Shortly after Don Julio began his involvement as manager of AKR, he was elected Mayor of Roatan, a position he served for four years. He took a break from politics after becoming sole owner of the resort and under his direction; the resort underwent several large expansions. One of these expansions included the establishment of the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS) in 1989.

As a strong advocate for education, research, and conservation, Don Julio has said, “We can no longer take it for granted that our reefs, lagoons, forests, and the life they support can absorb without damage the development the island will inevitably experience. Opportunities for systematic study and research of our habitats should be offered. It is imperative that we preserve what we have.” It is this active interest in the quality of life and environment that put Don Julio back in the political arena once again. In 1990 he was elected Senator of the Bay Islands and was also appointed as Chairman for the Development of the Bay Islands. In 2009 he ran and was elected for mayor and served a four-year term.

His wife, Cheryl Galindo, is also an active member of the community. With the guidance and expertise of the Honduran Institute of Anthropology, Cheryl created the Roatan Museum in 1992, which is housed in the RIMS facility. She served as head of the board of directors for the Bay Islands Conservation Association (BICA), a non-profit environmental organization and she is the founder of the Roatan Bilingual School in Coxen Hole. Managers of the resort and US office are Samir, Haydee, and Julito (May 26, 1966-November 13, 2007), Julio and Cheryl’s sons and daughter. Assisting them is a dedicated staff of more than 200 office workers, groundsmen, housekeepers, kitchen and wait-staff, dive staff, boat crew, repair crew, and security. The staff is extremely friendly and courteous and a great source of stories on island life.

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