Whale Shark Sightings

Anthony’s Key Resort rang in the New Year BIG in 2015! Whale shark BIG! Although observed more frequently in the months of March-­April and August-­September, whale sharks have been regularly sighted around Roatan for several weeks in January 2015. Many of our guests have had multiple opportunities to get up close and personal with these gentle giants of the sea. Our experienced captain and crew at Anthony’s Key Resort know just where and what to look for when spotting these amazing creatures. Many of our guests list their whale shark experiences with us as their most amazing animal encounter. This is just one of the many reasons to make AKR your next vacation destination!

More About Whale Sharks

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus ) is a slow-moving filter feeding shark and the largest known fish species. The largest confirmed individual had a length of 41.50 ft and a weight of more than 47,000 lbs. Common sizes are seen around Roatan range between 20ft and 35ft. These sharks feed on plankton and small fish and will migrate to areas where these foods are plentiful. Roatan is in a unique position being situated close to a large, deep trench that creates an upwelling of nutrients into the sunlit zone of the ocean. Whale sharks sightings usually occur in the middle of large boils, or bait balls. Boils involve large groups of tuna feeding at the surface
which causes the water to look like it is “boiling” Whale Shark with small, intense splashes that can cover an area the size of a football field. The tuna are preying on smaller fish at the surface, forcing them to break the plane of the water’s edge to escape, which can look like white caps. Birds are often seen from a distance, hovering above, as they too feed on these small fish. Luckily the whale sharks have the same appetite and will often be found in the middle of one of these feeding frenzies. They rise up from the deep and drive all of the small fish to the surface to feed where the birds and larger fish are waiting as well.